LADWP Helps Build the Next Generation of Water and Power Leaders in the Eastern Sierra

By Jessica Johnson

LADWP supports almost 100 organizations annually throughout the Eastern Sierra that host events, community programs, educational activities and workforce development opportunities. One of our major investments is supporting the next generation of water and power leaders.

Together, the Aqueduct and Corporate Strategy and Communications divisions have worked to create several opportunities for employees to engage with students in and outside of classrooms. All of our educational and mentorship programs play an important role in helping the young workforce appreciate hard work and team building and leaves them with a positive experience of what it is like to work for LADWP in the Eastern Sierra.

Making a Difference through Adopt-A-School

Since LADWP’s Adopt-A-School program began in 1984, our number of participating schools has grown to 24. LADWP serves six schools in the Owens Valley, from Round Valley to Lone Pine, CA. The partnership provides an opportunity for students to connect with our employees in different fields of work and learn about possible Department career paths.

This year, the schools and LADWP employees finally met in person during outdoor field trips and presentations. In May, the Watershed Resources group met with Bishop Elementary 3rd graders at the Buckley Ponds. Students rotated through different stations, ranging from water quality testing to wildlife ecology.

Learn more about the Adopt-A-School program in Owens Valley.

employees doing a demo as students watch

Certified Trade Education Scholarships for High School Seniors

This year marks the third consecutive year that LADWP and the Inyo County Office of Education partnered to bring additional resources for graduating high school students of Inyo County. The partnership awarded a $2,000 scholarship to students committed to enrolling in post-secondary institutions or programs that provide industry-recognized certifications, training, and/or degrees in the skilled labor trades. The main goal of the program is to help bridge the gap in the areas of technical trade skills and encourage the next generation to pursue careers in skilled labor trades like utility work, woodworking, auto mechanics, welding and IT. One of the scholarship winners was Leopoldo Sanchez, pictured with LADWP Assistant Aqueduct Manager Russell Pierson during Lone Pine High School Graduation Night.

"Partnerships like this one are meaningful to LADWP because they help the local community understand one of the Department’s job force development goals of redesigning career paths for young professionals by creating training opportunities and mentorship programs to help close the skills gap," said Aqueduct Manager Adam Perez. "We are very happy to support the growth of the next generation of welders, construction managers and other positions in the technical trade work."

Read the 2022 scholarship announcement.

employee presenting certificate to student

Student Workers Gain First-Hand Aqueduct Experience

For almost 30 years, LADWP’s Student Worker program has provided graduating seniors with an understanding of what it’s like to work in the field of large-scale water and power infrastructure.

Over the course of three months, students had the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks at an LADWP construction yard located in either Mojave, Keeler, Independence or Bishop. Students who showed interest in studying engineering spent time with LADWP engineers in the field learning technical work performed by Bishop Construction personnel, like concrete finishing processes and how to prepare concrete test cylinders.

employee with student worker holding equipment

Photos by Chris Corsmeier.

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